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We all have stress in our lives which can build up and affect our wellbeing. Working long hours, experiencing major life changes, the loss of a loved one, and unresolved childhood trauma may cause a build up of stress.  If you feel that you have forgotten how to enjoy life or have trouble sleeping due to a brain that won't stop, then try what we have to offer.  You won't be sorry.  When was the last time you laughed? Our psychology has a profound effect on our physiology and health. At Body Mind Balance, we provide clients with an effective system of integrative health care to cope with stress and improve mental health.

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About Us

At Body Mind Balance, the focus is on underlying causes of illnesses or distress rather than just symptoms. To truly help someone, the entire aspect of the human psyche, including emotions, physical health, and environment also need to be investigated. There may be many different reasons for one symptom. Discover it here.

What We Do

We provide integrative services with an eclectic group of healing techniques which have been found to cover come traumatic experiences. We also refocus the body’s natural healing response to establish better communication between body and mind.

Change Your Life
Take a moment to listen to your body. Perhaps through mindfulness meditation, sitting quietly, and noticing where there is tension in your body. Breathe into that tension, allow images to enter your mind, and explore thoughts associated with the feeling. Then contact bodymindbalance.ca for a life-changing appointment.

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For additional information about the services we offer, reach out to us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Ding Wu Chang

Unlocking Your Potential

My experience with Marianne was very positive.  Her methods go deep into the fundamental problem you are experiencing, which in turn shows up in your body systems as pain, pressure, etc.

Once you start following the procedure, it really guides you to go through your own trouble which was hidden in your mind, and can be released by forgiveness, or other methods.  After my issue was resolved, I could feel a positive energy running though out my body, where it should be.  The later procedure endeavors to keep that positive solution in your body system, so your body knows better how to keep it up on its own.

This was a super good experience.  I highly recommend to anyone who is open minded to an alternative approach to the healing process.

David Malcolm

Removing Blocks

I have great faith in the BodyTalk process.  So when I felt that there were blocks somewhere in my healing journey that took away my joy and creativity, I had a session with Marianne to address these issues. (I am recovering from Stage 4 kidney cancer).

Marianne led me through a process that highlighted a way forward, that pinpointed the source of a key block.

I can now journal about this to become free and joyful again in my recovery journey.  For me, there is nothing like journaling to bring back a sense of love and purpose into my journey.

Melany Rambo

My doctor told me the only way I would be able to relieve the pain and heal my ‘blown’ Achilles tendons was to have cortisone shots. Marianne suggested I try some BodyTalk sessions. Three sessions later, and no pain and the swelling was gone! Later I was having other health issues and again, through BodyTalk I have found relief! If you are like me and don’t take meds that usually ‘mask’ your problems, this is a very welcome alternative that gets results!!

Todd Rambo

I prefer alternative measures over medical or pharmaceutical methods any day! This really works people! Check this out and set up an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.


I went to see Marianne with severe gastric pain and insomnia. My work stress was through the roof. During one session with Marianne we were able to identify the cause of the gastric pain (past troubled relationship with family member), and I learned how to relax and take care of myself. My gastric pain and insomnia immediately resolved themselves


I saw Marianne mostly out of curiosity as I had heard that she worked ‘magic’. I had a history of hypertension and a recurring back problem every 3-5 years. We were able to identify the origins of the back problem in one session and my hypertension disappeared. It has now been 5 years, and my back has not bothered me again.


Medically I had been diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and a yeast infection. My muscles were extremely tense. I had constant constipation and poor digestion. I had irritable bowel syndrome, restlessness, poor circulation, therefore cold hands and feet. I suffered from weakness of my limbs and trunk and had a great deal of anxiety as well as depression. I had difficulty making decisions, paying attention and I was upset with myself for having a poor memory. It seemed I couldn’t remember anything new. I had headaches and suffered from severe PMS. Emotionally I was a mess. I rated my work, relationship and family stress as severe. I had tight muscles in my shoulders, upper back and neck. After one session with Marianne, I relaxed, my anxiety disappeared and the depression lifted. I rarely get headaches now and I am enjoying my life. My daily stresses are taken in stride. I am very grateful for having been shown how what I believe can cause stress, and the stress causes physical pain. I feel that I am living my life more fully now. Thank you so much Marianne McCashin. You changed my life!


Marianne is a very compassionate healer. She goes above and beyond her call of duty and genuinely cares about the outcome of your health. I would highly recommend her.

Glenda P, BC

I would like to acknowledge the work of this practitioner. My son was going through a very difficult time following a serious accident which affected his whole being. He was despondent and in pain. He was unable to work. He tried physiotherapy, massage, medication and acupuncture. Progress was very slow. After one session with Marianne his life turned around. He is back at work full time, practicing martial arts and running long distance again. He now knows he has a bright future and is moving forward with his life. We are all grateful for Marianne’s skills.


I was intrigued with what Marianne was talking to me about and what she was offering as a service, not only because I was going through a very challenging and difficult period in my life, but also knew I needed to sort some of my issues out before I could heal. I was depressed, felt lost for a great majority of the day. After my 1st session with Marianne, I could not believe how I felt after. A huge release of pent up feelings, and layers that she could go through right back to when I was a child. Nothing nor anyone could have ever done what she did for me. Today…I feel like a better person. I believe that part of her success is her loving, caring mannerisms. She truly is authentic.

Rachel M

I was going through a very emotional journey, feeling overwhelmed, depressed and insecure. After one session with Marianne, I felt immediately better. My confidence in myself and my work returned. She was bang on with everything that was going on in my life and helped me pinpoint where my energy was blocked and get to the root of my physical and emotional discomfort. Marianne is great and I’m so excited for my next session with her.