Slay the Dragon

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Slay the Dragon

As strange as it may seem, we are not our brains. We can think outside our brain, which could be another whole discussion about the research into the neurotransmitters throughout the body, where the body stores memory, the heart brain, the gut-brain, but I digress. The real issue for today is about that inner dragon. You know, the one that tells you how to feel and who you are.

That’s the brain trying to be your master. STOP IT!

A brain that has convinced the struggling soul that the brain is in charge reeks havoc in one’s life. I know. I have been there:

The dragon called Master brain seeks only to destroy, to bring you to your knees, to convince you that you are not safe to go anywhere without it.

The dragon in your mind is not your brain. The dragon whips the brain with froth and fire breathing. It tells you that you can’t. It tells you that you aren’t good enough, wise enough, thin enough, rich enough, successful enough. I wonder if that is how wars start, with the insecurity of there is not enough, I am not enough, I must have more, I must be more.

The dragon has you tamed. You believe what it says, you are very obedient. You fear the world and everything in it. You are the dragon’s victim.

You will know that you have slain the dragon when you stop believing the lies and go forth bravely into the new world that you invent, moment by moment. There is no need to have your sword drawn for an enemy. There are no enemies, except those dragons that can spawn again in your mind.

But even dragons need love. Tell them “thank you for making me brave enough to conquer you. Thank you for teaching me to defeat the thoughts that were defeating me.†In this case, two negatives make a positive. “I am so grateful for the lessons learned.â€
Then you can see that the sun shines, the flowers bloom, and you are in charge. You can decide where your day goes, how you feel, and what you want in your life.

I know I don’t want dragons, or fear, or the feeling of failure of just sitting on my duff waiting for life to get better. I am the one who gets to make it better. I am the one who can choose my path.
There may be stones in the path that I trip on, but that doesn’t make me a failure. The stones are lessons, and each stone is valuable as we gradually learn how to climb up the rock face, bravely, and never looking down. Always face forward, always look up.

Marianne can help you slay those dragons. Try it now.

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