A close up of some white flowers on a tree


Springtime. Fresh green shoots of grass and tulips come out of the thawing earth, reaching for the sun. What could be more magical than that? No one tells a plant when it is time; it just knows. It knows when it is the right time to thrive.

Just like your body. It knows what it needs as a priority right now. Did you ever think about how your body communicates with you? It truly is magic. I feel hungry; I feel thirsty; I am tired. How does that work? How do you know what the signals mean?

Sometimes, we get so busy in our lives that we forget to listen to what we need, what our body needs. Sometimes, your body might tell you to slow down, take a deep breath, and explore that inner knowing.

Complicated and yet so simple.

Once you become aware of information in your subconscious mind, healing becomes easy.

Whether it is healing from the pain of an old car accident, a sports injury, or arthritis, relief is available.

Emotions and life situations that cause problems can have their charge lessened. Marianne can provide a new way of looking at life’s issues, which is painless.

Before you agree to prescription drugs for your pain, your anxiety, or your depression, try a session with Marianne.

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